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Teknik Datasaab Sdn. Bhd. (TDS) is a leading professional in wastewater treatment and management; drain and sewer maintenance; and, cleaning and repair services. With more than 30 years of market dominance, TDS has handled three quarters of Malaysia’s public and private sectors.

TDS has branches strategically located in the country capable of serving domestic, national, regional and international requirements. 

It has its in-house team of experts who survey, evaluate, plan, design and implement turnkey projects. TDS has procured both macro and micro assignments in sewerage and wastewater treatment and resources management.

Now TDS has a new division specialising in water resources – both portable and potable water for communities nationwide.

Preserving Planet Earth

Earth’s precious resources such as water, flora and fauna must be protected against indiscriminate destruction by mankind.



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Our Philosophy

We uphold strong business ethics in all our activities including maintaining complete adherence to world-class environmental, safety and health standards.


Research & Development

Our wastewater treatment and management services are heavily hinged on up-to-date quality of its treated water to acceptable levels and standards.


Lifelong Learning

The management and staff are dedicated to go the extra mile through acquired competence and performance superiority.


Us Different


Human Capital

Human capital is of paramount importance to TDS. The company is known to invest into training and development of its staff.


Health & Safety

TDS leaves no stone unturned in ensuring all safety standards are met in accordance to world benchmarks. We are concerned with every individual’s well-being.


Customer Satisfaction

Every customer need is treated as sacrosanct and it is accorded the due respect and service. The highest demands and expectations are met professionally.


TDS Is a Trusted Name

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