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TDS was inaugurated in 1984 as an environmental, engineering services provider. From humble beginnings, it rose in ranking in the highly competitive marketplace. In more than three decades, Teknik Datasaab Sdn. Bhd. (TDS) is a leading professional in water resources management. It is particularly specialised in wastewater treatment and management, drain and sewer maintenance, plus, cleaning and repair services.

With more than 30 years of market dominance, TDS has handled three quarters of Malaysia’s public and private sector needs. TDS has branches strategically located in the country capable of serving domestic, national, regional and international requirements. It has its in-house team of experts who survey, evaluate, plan, design and implement turnkey projects.

TDS has procured both macro and micro assignments in sewerage and wastewater treatment and management. Now TDS has a new division specialising in water resources – both portable and potable water for communities nationwide.

Since its incorporation in 1986, Teknik Datasaab Sdn. Bhd. has excelled to become one of the nation’s foremost and largest specialists in wastewater treatment and management. It is a proud achievement brought about by a commitment to excellence and fuelled by a customer-driven philosophy.

Its focus was local authorities, municipalities, town councils, corporate bodies, statutory entities, developers and private sector customers.

We are Environment Conscious

Over the years, success has helped the company to forge an enviable working relationship with various government bodies and the public sector. We acknowledge the delicate balance between environment and ecology.

Teknik Datasaab maintains a constant vigilance ensuring pollution does not pose a threat to public health. This is done through constant monitoring and implementing new and improved methods of wastewater treatment. All of these reinforce the image of the company as a dedicated leader in this professional field.

Teknik Datasaab was responsible for introducing innovation and breakthrough technologies in Malaysia and abroad.

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