Plug & Treat, Pre-engineered
Sewage Treatment System

BioGenic provides end-users a proven and robust solution to unsightly, messy and odorous problems associated with some sewage treatment systems. BioGenic is a range of easy to use Plug & Treat Membrane Bioreactor systems, intended for use in buildings such as hotels, office blocks, apartment blocks etc. The systems are designed to treat typical sewage from these facilities, and produce clean safe water which can be recycled for non-drinking purposes or discharged safely into the environment. Biogenic is built in a robust stainless-steel tank and has proprietary surface modified foul-free membranes for reliable operation in any hostile environment.

The systems are completely pre-assembled at our factory for fast and easy site installation. Cabling for controls etc is pre-installed, and site assembly is limited to simple and fast connection of multi-pin plugs & sockets…truly PLUG & TREAT.

Modular BioGenic offers high-quality treated sewage and preserves the aesthetics of the surrounding environment. The membrane facilitated by the BioGenic engineering ensures a high level of continuous treatment even with wide variations in flows with almost no maintenance.

Application of the BioGenic® MBR Treatment System

BioGenic System can do the job better than conventional biological treatment systems. The operation and maintenance requirement of BioGenic System is very minimal, consisting primarily of air scouring, membrane chemical cleaning and occasional sludge removal (1 to 2 times a year depending on the application).

The BioGenic system can be located inside or outside. It simply requires a level concrete base upon which to stand. Care must be taken to ensure enough space is provided around and above the unit to allow routine maintenance to be carried out. Call us for obligation free consultation.

Advantages of the BioGenic® MBR Treatment System

Flexible Application

Designed for replacing existing septic or new on-site systems in municipal, residential apartments, private housing development and commercial malls for superior BOD/TSS removal and ammonia. Effluent quality exceeds Standard-A discharge standards.

Greater Dependability

The highly efficient proprietary membrane provides an absolute barrier between bacteria and the effluent. They eliminate filamentous bacteria problems, sludge bulking concerns, and concerns over highly variable organic loads. Membranes treat load fluctuations regardless of concentrations to produce consistent, dependable high quality limited reuse grade treated water.

Low Cost of Ownership

BioGenic lowers the total cost of owning & operation:

Modular pre-engineered, plug & treat design for easy installation and start-up with less requirements for onsite construction costs

Low power requirement

Compact out of basin design needs less space

Less frequent cleaning (> 6months)

Long membrane life reduces replacement costs

Automatic membrane cleaning… almost no maintenance

Capacities & Dimension of the BioGenic® MBR Treatment System

Benefits of the BioGenic® MBR Treatment System

  • Strong Membrane & Less Clogging

  • Internal Membrane Reduce Backwash

  • Withstand Feed Shocks

  • Sludgeless Operation

  • Plant can be operated at higher MLSS

  • Superior Performance

  • Roots with Hollow Fiber Membrane

  • Low Operating Cost

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