Leader for Sewer Pipeline Maintenance

TDS is the exclusive licensee for proprietary pipeline rehabilitation and maintenance systems from world-renowned technology leaders. Our specialist lining technicians have both the expertise and exposure in delivering beyond expectations.


They have undergone intensive training in the customisation of clients’ needs. Their installations of the UV CIPP sewer lining systems are subject to a wide spectrum of conditions ensuring optimum results every time.TDS offers a comprehensive turnkey installation package specifically designed and tailored for a range of clients with multi-faceted requirements.

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Leader for Underground Pipeline Rehabilitation

One of the most challenging tasks for a service provider is to undertake the rehabilitation of underground pipelines. TDS is fortunate to have the most sophisticated equipment to mount underground repairs, refurbishments, rehabilitation, overhauling and replacement of pipelines seamlessly.

TDS has invested heavily into proprietary technologies and equipment inaccessible to competitors in the marketplace. That gives TDS an unfair marketing and management advantage, literally dwarfing other service providers.

Leader for Sewer Cleaning Services

TDS has over 30 years of experience in sewer and drain cleaning in Malaysia and the Asian region through partners. Our cleaning services are comprehensive, utilising the state-of-the-art technology through innovation. We excel in all types of industrial and residential applications at cost-efficient advantages. Our unique equipment ranges from special jetting units for domestic operations to more advanced units capable of 70 gmp @ 2500 psi. Its cleaning superiority is most conducive for heavy-duty pipelines and culverts.
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Leader for Quick Lock Patch Repairs

Quick-lock patch repairs are specifically applied for pipes that are damaged by inadequate sealing, including tectonics and the strain by dynamic traffic. TDS is well-versed with the needs of the industry in overcoming such technical hurdles.

Typical damages sustained include cracks, holes, loose pipe joints and root penetration. The quick-lock gaskets utilised by TDS are designed to complement in the reconstruction of a pipe’s tensile strength and optimum capacity in handling loads should damages occur. It is the only system in the marketplace adaptable for all types of pipes.

Leader for CCTV Pipeline Investigations, Surveys and Mapping

TDS utilises a complex range of survey and inspection techniques in its innovative initiatives in pipeline investigations. We present a comprehensive picture of an asset’s prevalent conditions, abnormalities, incompatibilities, points of glaring blockages or procedural failures.

We engage a variety of sophisticated CCTV services in surveying the root cause of the problems, inspection of the pipelines’ durability under warranty or diagnosing the problem at hand. An asset’s conditions are evaluated competently with ready solutions offered for each pipe, vessel and tank.

Advanced survey and mapping techniques unfold the blueprint for planning, designing and fortifying sewer systems through preventive engineering and predictive maintenance..

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Leader for Robotic Cutting

TDS offers cost-effective solutions for developers and construction companies in rehabilitating various pipes during the construction phase. We are fully equipped to handle the most challenging issues emanating from intrusions which curtail efficiency and productivity. We also institute remedial action in restoring displaced rubber rings that cause leakages and traumatise operations.

TDS employs the latest technology in its arsenal by using state-of-the-art robotic cutting that minimises downtime and increases productivity. Our system is highly adaptable to most manholes through compatibility and versatility. Only TDS has this proprietary technology in Asia.

Leader for Tank & Wet Well Cleaning

TDS has more than 30 years of experience in cleaning tanks of all configurations. We have handled from the largest pumping stations, wet wells, septic tanks, sump pits to forecourt interceptions.

Our waste specialist teams manage customers’ waste requirements efficiently and professionally. Each team is highly skilled in matching cleaning standards in accordance to industry benchmarks and in line with environmental compliances.

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Leader for Emptying Septic Tanks & Ponds

Accumulated sludge must be periodically dislodged to maintain optimum public health and safety. Failure to do so is susceptible to various health hazards. TDS maintains proper schedules for registered residencies and industries and alerts them in advance of due dates for services.

Due diligence on customers’ service records, is viewed as a mandatory prerogative, in ensuring public health and safety are well maintained. TDS is fastidious about total adherence to scheduled services as public health and safety top social responsibility in importance.

Leader for CCTV Sewer Surveys

TDS possesses the latest in CCTV sophistication to capture the most challenging situations in the sewer system. Our trained specialists conduct complex surveys to determine the most feasible solutions in overcoming potential problems through sound diagnosis.

Advanced survey techniques unfold the blueprint for planning, designing and fortifying sewer systems through preventive engineering and predictive maintenance.

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Leader for CIPP Lining

CIPP or cured-in-place pipe is a trenchless method for renewing deteriorated or aged industrial or domestic piping. The life expectancy, strength, increased flow, chemical resistance, quick installation and low cost of CIPP have presented irrefutable benefits.

The CIPP process uses epoxy resin-impregnated liners and an inversion method to form a new, seamless pipe within a pipe. The CIPP allows for rehabilitation of leaking, separated or failing pipes with minimal disruption to plant operations.

Leader for Lateral Rehabilitation

Typically, the main problem lies with the joints between the main sewer line and its numerous laterals. TDS deploys its CCTV cameras to detect the blind spots and its experts address the spot of issue to remedy the cracks.

Damage to joints caused by traffic, ground water infiltration that washes soil into the system causing voids around joints and other contributing issues are no longer insurmountable. TDS is fully equipped to solve lateral rehabilitation without fuss. Its secret is in its innovative equipment!.

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Leader for Manhole Rehabilitation

Manhole rehabilitation involves: Replacement of manhole frames and covers (small excavations); internal manhole repairs (no excavation); and, manhole lining. TDS replaces damaged frames and covers if they are below the specified street grade.

Grouting is a viable manhole rehabilitation technique that prevents runoff and groundwater from seeping into an otherwise structurally sound manhole. Manholes require structural reinforcement for protection against corrosive gases present in the sewers. TDS matches each problem with the most salient solution.

Leader for Resin Patch Repairs

Resin patch repairs are a specialist job done in accordance to strict adherence to detail. TDS uses a variety of epoxy, resin-impregnated, saturated, woven felt liner systems, coupled with an inversion process for all CIPP or cured-in-place pipe repairs. The felt is produced from selected fibres compressed into thin sheets, stacked into several layers and needle punched – forming one layer. .

One side of the felt is coated with polymer and rolled into a single tube. Each liner system comes complete with an epoxy resin designed specifically for that system. These systems are uniquely formulated for superior strength and corrosion resistance to meet or exceed ASTM specifications.

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Leader for Sewer Mapping Surveys

TDS has an enviable track record in Asia for conducting sewer mapping surveys for residential estates, condominiums, holiday resorts, private medical centres, state hospitals, municipalities, airports, universities and city halls in Malaysia and foreign countries.

We have adequate experience and exposure in working with both the government and private concerns. The sewer mapping surveys were tailor-made according to the clientele’s specific needs as well as available budgets. TDS is sensitive to the private and confidential matter of the assignments and thus respects the P&C nature of the business.

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Leader for 24 Hour Emergency Responses

We have the industry’s fastest response rate as documented by an independent research company.* In a top-of-mind (TOM) recall test, TDS emerged as the number one company to meet customers’ needs and demands.

TDS was also picked as the most trusted company in wastewater treatment, portable water resources, potable water supply to remote communities and provider of environment-friendly services in compliance with national regulations. *Source: Perception Management, October 2014

Leader for 24 Hour Drain Cleaning

TDS has 24-hour surveillance teams monitoring all services. Its teams are alerted instantly when emergencies occur. Our response teams attend to all alerts within minutes and dispatch trained personnel to provide solutions.

We have an excellent track record for monitoring and surveillance, thus minimising concerns of clients. Both the domestic and commercial clients have rated TDS for trusted service.
*Source: Perception Management, October 2014

Leader for Trenchless Technology

TDS has scored big in Asia with its trenchless technology that has made rehabilitation, repairs and maintenance of underground pipelines a breeze. Both the public and private sectors insist on our revolutionary technology which does not disrupt traffic or stall things due to needless digging.

Our modern trenchless technology ensures pipe rehabilitation is efficient and profitable for all parties. TDS presented a new perspective to underground piping, repairs, replacement and rehabilitation.