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The management of TDS is steadfast in upholding business ethics in all its sphere of activities, including maintaining complete adherence to world-class environmental, safety and health standards.

The corporate vision and mission of TDS are to serve all clients flawlessly with uncompromising professionalism and commitment. The company takes pride in customers’ satisfaction and endorsement of its dedicated services.

Human Capital Development

TDS regards its staff as its true assets, more invaluable than its business turnover. Every staff remembers the management’s belief that “without employees, the employer is nobody.”  
All levels of staff appreciate the sincerity of the company in treating its employees as gold. Human capital is of paramount importance to TDS. The company is known to invest into training and development of its staff so as to enhance company performance, competence and a culture of lifelong learning.

Safety and Health

The health and safety of its workforce is guarded jealously by TDS at all times. It leaves no stone unturned in ensuring all safety standards are met in accordance to world benchmarks.  
Internal and external audits are routinely conducted to enable the company to maintain unblemished accomplished records. TDS is especially concerned with every individual’s well-being.

Research and Development

One of the key components of success for TDS is its reliance on research and development (R&D). All its wastewater treatment and management services are heavily hinged on up-to-date quality of its treated water to acceptable levels and standards before being discharged into water courses.  
R&D ensures the quality of aquatic life in streams, rivers and lakes, resulting from the discharged treated water by TDS. Such moral obligation strengthens the company’s social responsibility and corporate integrity.

Culture of Lifelong Learning

The founders TDS are a firm believers in the concept of a lifelong learning culture. They have imbibed this philosophy into all employees in a positive manner, engaging them constructively for a synergistic outcome.  
Their vision and drive have implanted a new paradigm for the company, by embracing change management in heralding knowledge-based skills and technologies. The management and staff are dedicated to go the extra mile through acquired competence and performance superiority.

Customer Satisfaction Redefined

TDS has revolutionised customer satisfaction by redefining the demands and expectations in the marketplace. Every customer need is treated as sacrosanct and it is accorded the due respect and service. Thus every client’s requirements are met and satisfied by the company’s own appraisal system known as the Falcon Matrix.  
The Falcon Matrix is a system of providing the best services in the industry, equalling the tenets of best practices admonished by thought leaders. The highest demands and expectations are met professionally by TDS on all counts of excellence.

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”

Rachel Carson, 1954

Author of The Silent Spring

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